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Small Patch Seismic

Small Patch Seismic: An Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Oil and Gas Exploration

Small patch seismic offers oil and gas companies a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for exploration and development activities.  Its ability to provide a higher resolution image of a specific area makes it an ideal solution for identifying drilling problems and hazards and enabling accurate geosteering.

One of the key advantages of this type of acquisition is its ability to provide a higher resolution image of a specific area around a well location. This makes it possible to identify drilling problems and hazards and enables accurate geosteering. In cases where a client does not have current or modern seismic data set in an area, small patch allows a tactical look at areas of interest in a much shorter timeframe than conventional seismic regional surveys.

Prior to acquisition, the necessary permitting must be completed for the targeted area. Typically, a postage stamp full-fold area of 10-15 square miles is required to cover a pad with 8 bidirectional 2-mile lateral wells. Depending on the depth of the target, a surface acquisition footprint of around 18-28 square miles is anticipated, which can be acquired as a single patch.

The intended scale of these fast-track, focused projects ranges from 5-40 square miles of full-fold data. The workflow includes permitting, processing workflow preparation, inversion workflow preparation, petrophysics, velocity model and horizons ready, and ranges from 6-8 weeks from acquisition start-up. The cost of small patch seismic is typically $800K-$1.200M depending on the area and depth of the target, equating to approximately $100K per well for an 8-well pad.

Small patch seismic has also proven useful in geothermal and CO2 sequestration applications, where it can be used to evaluate fracture systems, caprock integrity, storage capacity, and storage validation.

With a relatively short timeline and lower costs than traditional seismic surveys, small patch seismic is an attractive option for companies looking to optimize their exploration and development efforts. Reach out to Silverthorne Seismic for more information on Small Patch Seismic and its advantages.


  • Ideal for projects 5 – 40 square miles of full fold data
  • Workflow includes permitting, processing, inversion prep, velocity model and horizons
  • Cost effective
  • Accelerated timeline


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