Silverthorne Seismic, LLC

The Accuracy And Scope To Correctly Determine Petrophysical Properties

As a full-service geophysical company with expertise throughout the entire seismic lifecycle, we elevate exploration at every point for customers across North America and the World. 

Petrophysical Services

Get the most from your data.

Partner with a dedicated petrophysical team with rich experience gained from working in basins around the world.

  • Wellsite logging
  • Fully integrated Field studies
  • Corrected Log Sets
  • Large Scale Database interpretations
  • Well by well analysis
  • Thickness and distribution, when available
  • Formation tops
  • Interpretation built around well log – core analysis relationships in multiple wells across basin

Expert Staff

Our specialization leads to diminished risk of error, faster delivery, and arriving at value sooner. Our highly collaborative staff excels at time constraints and leverages best practices to improve implementation.

  • Shale experience in the Barnett, Bakken, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Muddy, and Pearsall
  • Tight Gas Trends
  • Deepwater GOM (Gulf of Mexico)
  • Permian Basin
  • Experience in South American plays, Angola, Southeast Asia, Western Australia, and more

Visit Our Data Library For Onshore US Database Coverage

Datasets now available:

  • Midland Basin
  • Delaware Basin
  • San Juan/ Mancos
  • DJ Basin/ Niobrara
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