Silverthorne Seismic, LLC

Low-Cost Airborne Field Surveys Providing Coverage Of Large Areas

Economical and quick regional coverage.

Gravity Magnetic Services

Gravity and magnetics can cover a large area at a very low cost. This method can identify features, which might not be visible on seismic data. In addition, gravity and magnetics can extend interpretations beyond areas of seismic coverage.

A method for rapidly making depth estimates from gravity data, Euler deconvolution provides automatic estimates of source location and depth. Euler deconvolution emphasizes linear features potentially associated with faulting. Output is high-resolution, proprietary data.

Aeromagnetic surveys are conducted using a magnetometer aboard or towed behind the aircraft. These surveys are similar to a magnetic survey accomplished using a hand-held magnetometer but allow much larger areas of the Earth’s surface to be covered quickly.

Our services:

  • Acquisition
  • Processing
  • Available Data
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