Silverthorne Seismic, LLC

The Experience And Expertise To Get The Job Done Right.

As a full-service geophysical company with expertise throughout the entire seismic lifecycle, we elevate exploration at every point for customers across North America and the World. 

About Us

Experienced and responsive, we have built Silverthorne Seismic on a foundation of customer service excellence and seismic expertise.

Comprised of highly experienced geoscientists and industry experts, our roots extend back to 1979 when our partner company, Wilson Geophysical, was founded. Today, Silverthorne Seismic offers geophysical services that span the seismic data spectrum. From planning and acquisition to processing, data brokerage, data forensics, data management and more, we think outside the box to create new answers to customer challenges and apply our experience to drive better results. Responsive and nimble, we work with E&P super majors and can scale our services for smaller, independent companies. With our in-depth knowledge of seismic data, we understand all aspects of the business and are uniquely qualified to tailor our services to each client’s needs.


Barton Wilson

President and Founder

President and Founder of Silverthorne, Bart has over 20 years of oil and gas industry experience and a lifetime of being around the Geophysical industry. Prior to establishing Silverthorne, he was Vice President at Wilson Geophysical. In a career that extends from working as a Geophysicist, Multi-Client seismic account manager and Vice President of Sales, Bart has also worked as both a contractor and subcontractor in the Oil and Gas industry for Seismic Exchange and Compaigne General de Geophysique. Bart received his Bachelors of Science in Geology from Southern Methodist University in 1989.

Floyd P. Wilson

President and CEO of Wilson Geophysical, Inc.

Floyd began his career with Seismograph Service Corporation working all phases of field acquisition and developing computation formulas for CDP stacking techniques. Afterward, he worked for Petty Geophysical Engineering Company, serving as an Interpretation Party Chief, Assistant Supervisor of the Rocky Mountains, Supervisor of the Gulf Coast, Manager of the Gulf Coast, and Assistant Manager of Worldwide Marine Acquisition. He has also held the position of marketing manager for US operations for Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (CGG). In 1979, he founded Wilson Geophysical, Inc., continuing the long-term relationship with CGG as their exclusive prime data brokerage company. Maison Blanc purchased the US CGG database, and Wilson Geophysical, Inc. continued to be their prime broker of the data set until such time that the data was merged with SEI. Floyd is a registered geophysicist for the State of California and a registered geologist for the State of Arkansas. Floyd continues to be a member of the SEG, AAPG, Geophysical Societies in Denver, Houston, California, Oklahoma, and Dallas. Floyd graduated from Southern Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.

John Fortier

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, John brings to Silverthorne over 20 years of industry experience that spans mining, exploration, and seismic data management and acquisition. Prior to joining Silverthorne, he was employed by CGG and Seismic Exchange in seismic design and acquisition roles. As VP of Operations, John oversees the acquisition of new seismic data for Silverthorne and manages data management vendors, and hardware. He is also involved with sales and marketing of Silverthorne’s Multi-Client and brokerage data library. John is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Denver Geophysical Society, The Geophysical Society of Houston, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, and the Fort Worth Geological Society. He received his Bachelors of Science in Geology from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Jenny Johnson

Director of Operations

Jenny began her career as an unconventional reservoir geologist and transitioned to seismic data management. At Silverthorne, she oversees daily operations, seismic library management, and geospatial tech development. Jenny is an active member of the Houston Geological Society, Geological Society of America, AGMS, and the Association for Women Geoscientists. She received her Bachelor of Science in Geology from Southern Methodist University in 2012.

Peyton Wilson

Sales Manager

Peyton Wilson serves as the Sales Manager for Silverthorne Seismic LLC. Prior to joining Silverthorne, Peyton served as Director of Business Development for ScoutGroup LLC, assisting Operators to optimize field data capture, regulatory, production accounting, and operational surveillance processes. In addition to working at ScoutGroup, he has worked numerous sales and business development roles at Drillinginfo/Enverus. Peyton is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, the Denver Geophysical Society, The Geophysical Society of Houston, the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, and the Fort Worth Geological Society. He graduated from the University of Texas.


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