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Exploration Archives by Talus Technologies

Exploration Archives by Talus Technologies

Exploration Archives by Talus Technologies is a database software developed for exploration and production companies.  The various built-in modules and features provide exploration companies with a broad range of tools for self-managing and accessing data. Custom configurations expand the capabilities for companies to provide multi-client data services. The robust file storage options, effective metadata handling and powerful search capabilities provide uninterrupted, reliable access to the data.  With role-based profiles, the shared workspace of Exploration Archives supports collaboration with external partners, service providers and contractors.  Exploration Archives uses automated internal database configuration, file security protocols and file synchronization. The software allows for running standard or custom reports with the ability to refine your data management controls.

Exploration Archives integrates new technology to further enhance data management. The set up for Data migration imports batches of data in one process while simultaneously scanning the SEG-Y attributes for indexing.   Automating the quality control processes for SEG-Y files during data migration and cataloging reduces traditional storage requirements. Extensive indexing protocols support a powerful search engine for locating and tracking seismic data across multiple storage locations.

Exploration Archives can be accessed thru the desktop or thru a web-browser. This allows for accessing data assets in an online, nearline or offline configuration.

Transition from existing legacy systems is straight forward, resulting in reduced storage costs and increased productivity. Integrating with existing network infrastructure preserves the integrity and security of the data assets.  If at some point a company decides Exploration Archives is not a good fit, the data can be retrieved with no additional cost. 

For information on Data Management with Silverthorne Seismic please contact either Bart Wilson at  or Julie Hagedorn at

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