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Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts

Managing and storing contracts can be challenging. Physical contracts can take up a great deal of space in your office and leave the company vulnerable if there is a disaster. Archiving the physical contracts freeze up valuable office space and allows for contracts to be kept in a secure backup location. However, there still needs to be a version of the contracts on-site for day-to-day business needs. Storing contracts in a digital format is the answer most companies turn to. Once the physical contract is in a digital format, what’s next? The contracts should readily be available to your end users.

At Silverthorne Seismic, we have developed processes to work around contract issues and software packages to locate and organize the contracts. Software packages allow users to store and connect digital contracts in multiple ways, including at the line and survey level. The contract will appear in the products window on the line or survey. This quickly allows the user to see what has been licensed. At the business partner level, the contract can be attached to one or more companies. When viewing a specific business partner, you will be able to ascertain what contracts were made with that partner. If the line or survey name is in question, this is an alternative way to search for that contract.

Attaching the contract to data orders is an added way to ensure that the data delivered is complete. This allows the employee completing the order to double-check check everything from the contract is fulfilled and delivered to the correct address. When the contract is loaded, it is given a digital hyperlink which allows the contract to be viewed when it is clicked. There are security features available within the program that limits the digital contract to be visual only. These software packages also have the option to be accessed from the field, giving flexibility when traveling or on a shoot location.

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